My Story

"Passion led us here"

Why I become a Financial Advisor

In my 20’s I spent 9 years in corporate finance. I learnt many valuable lessons: from finding my voice, to my way around excel spreadsheets, how to invest millions of dollars for a corporation, manage their cashflow, look at P&L statements and focus on the details.

Shortly before turning 30 I realized that I was deeply unhappy and felt stuck in my role as a Treasury Accountant and in the 9-5 corporate environment. I felt like I didn't belong there anymore.

I took a leap of faith and sent in my 2 week notice when I had my 1st son. I invested in myself and hired a career coach. I was terrified of leaving a salaried position for the "unknown" but I knew I couldn't stay at a job I hated any longer.

Besides, I had worked through our family budget and knew we were on solid footing financially and I could afford to take some time off to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up.

I searched for a purpose in life so I could align my strengths and passions with my work. It was a long process of self discovery, but in that difficult period of my life I discovered my true purpose- To help others with their money -so they too could live their ideal life and NOT wait until retirement to enjoy life.

The old 9-5 waiting until you’re 65 to enjoy your “golden years” is not an ideal life. You deserve better than that! For many years I thought If I just sacrificed enough and saved and invested aggressively to retire early I’d be happy. Unknowingly I was living in the "FIRE" movement- Financial Independence Retire Early crow. But I realized this wasn't a way to live life fully!

They say life happens when you’re busy making plans. That’s why at TruWealth partners our belief is that in order to live your ideal life you need to balance living your ideal life today and saving for your future too. It's a balancing act. And as your thinking partner we will be here every step of the way to guide you as you go through all the seasons life offers- from graduating, getting your first job, starting a family, accumulating wealth and one day retiring-to help you live a Truly Wealthy Life.

So whether you’re feeling stuck in your career or already found your dream career/business but just unsure how to manage your money, I've got you covered! Let's discover what True Wealth means to you!

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